Reliable Forex Trading Platforms

To make sure you are getting the most reliable forex trading platform, you need to check out some of the key features of a broker. Firstly, you need to make sure that the platform is regulated. This is important because you don’t want to lose money on a platform that doesn’t follow the rules. The […]

Forex Trading Scams South Africa

The amount of money lost by victims of Forex trading scams is staggering. The biggest reported theft was R650 000, while the average loss is around R12 000. The most disconcerting part is that some of the victims have lost far more than they expected to. Many of these people are poor and have lost […]

Forex Signal Scams Instagram

Forex signal scams in Instagram are an increasingly common occurrence. As the number of young people using social media increases, so do the number of companies offering such signals. In fact, many Instagram traders make money by recommending their own broker or trading platforms. These companies often prey on the interest of younger people by […]

Forex Signals Scams

There are several types of forex signals scams. First, there are signal sellers that don’t provide any information at all. Many of these sellers don’t have the proper qualifications to offer advice. Then there are those that promote themselves as legit but don’t. It is easy to spot these rogue traders because their websites often […]

Forex Scams Strategy

There are many types of Forex scams. Most are based on the concept of front-running – where a broker is aware that a client is placing a large order and puts it in before the client. Other types of forex scams involve signal sellers who promise to identify buy or sell signals and a favorable […]