Trade Dollars

You can find a U.S. Silver Trade Dollar in any local coin dealer. These rare coins were first minted 125 years ago and have a lot of history. They’re cool to look at and collect, so you’ll want to have one as a keepsake. This article will explain what Trade Dollars are and how they’re classified. The best way to acquire one of these coins is through an inheritance or estate sale.

The most common Trade dollars are from the mid-1870s. After 1879, the United States Mint began striking the coins only in proof. These coins are considered very rare, and 1885 has a mintage of just five pieces. Since these are a popular coin, the risks of counterfeiting are high, so you should inspect any raw specimens carefully before making a purchase. Here are some important tips on how to spot a fake.

A good example of a fake is a piece of paper with an indistinguishable legend. This means that it is not worth the face value. The coins were minted for a limited amount of time. Fortunately, the price of trade dollars has declined since then. A trade dollar’s numismatic value is many times greater than its face value. So, if you’re looking for an authentic piece of paper with an attractive design, you’ll want to purchase a specimen.